Race Info

Info | RunnersYou’ve come to the right place to get all the race day info! The Clifford Park 5k originally began in 2016 as a one day event. Although the crowd was fairly small, the event received rave reviews! And no one got lost which is awesome for a trail race!

New Race Style Info

After a year off in 2017 due to a delay in the permissions process, we’re back! This year, instead of one day, we’re going to run a race every single week!  The races will happen Mondays from the beginning of May through the end of September. The best part, is that it’s only going to cost $5.00 to come and race. Don’t worry, that’s not a typo – the most you’ll pay to be part of this series is $5.00 a week. You can end up paying even less if you purchase one of our Punch Pass or Season Pass options as well.

What we’re doing instead of the one day race, is a “no frills” type of series to allow runners of all abilities to come and be a part of a professional event, with professional timing, for the lowest cost around. How do we do it? This is a “no frills” type of event – so you won’t get a tee shirt, a finisher medal, or a goodie bag full of junk – what you will get is a chip timed event, on some of the best trails around.

We’ve gone all out planning for this year, and you’ll be able to tell. We will be installing trail markers that we can leave up for the season. This way, you know it will be an easy to follow route. The course is also 100% on trail – meaning you’ll never even touch pavement. You will, however, encounter roots, rocks, a stream, and some other fun terrain.

We’re also going to set up a “bib collection bin” where you can toss your used bib number into a bin after the race. This way, it will be ready and waiting for you next week!

Whether you’re looking to come and win the race every week, or are just going to come out once or twice, we’d love to have you. And, at only $5.00, you can’t afford to not come and run!