Register to run!Ready to get going and sign up for the CP5k series? Glad to hear it. Below you’ll find into on the proper way to register depending on how you want to sign up. If you have any questions about how each works, feel free to ask us on race day or contact us before then. We do ask that if you think you’re going to register for a race at any point this season, please register online with the “information only” option so we can get you in the system ahead of time.

– Information to Register –

Runners, if you plan to run a race at some point this season, but do not plan to purchase a Punch Pass or Season Pass, we ask that you please sign up online for the Information Only portion. What this allows us to do, is to get you set up in our system in the proper category ahead of time, so that when you show up on race day you’re ready to go. If you are not purchasing one of the options below, please fill in the form here.

One Time Entry

If you are only planning on coming to one event you have two options. You can sign up on race day or sign up online here. Get your One Time Entry here.

Punch Pass

If you plan to run multiple weeks, but not every week, consider the Punch Pass. The pass is good for a total of 10 entries and can be used for you or a guest. Don’t worry if you don’t use all 10 races this year, because the card does not expire and you can use them next year as well. Get your Punch Pass here.

Season Pass

The season pass is the best deal if you plan to run all summer long. You get 20 races for only $70.00 which comes out to only $3.50 per race. Remember that these are professionally produced, chip timed events. How can you do any better than that? Keep in mind that this pass is only good for you. You will not be able to use it to gain entry for a friend or family member (but they’re only $5.00 if they do want to run and don’t have a pass). Get your Season Pass here.