$5.00 Entry

Learn about the Five Dollar Entry

five dollar entryThat’s right – it’s only five bucks to run. How can that possibly be you ask? Well, this is a no-frills type of series. We’re not bothering to give out shirts, or medals, or any of the junk you collect at lots of races nowadays. The point of this series is simple. Get out and run some trails, run in a professionally timed race, and don’t break the bank doing it. Sound good? We thought so.

The entry fee works in a few different ways – the Five Dollar Entry, the Punch Pass, as well as the Season Pass. Planning on just going to run this one time? Maybe you’re an out-of-towner, or you normally can’t make it on Monday nights. Then the five dollar entry is your way to go. Just show up on Monday between 4:30pm – 5:45pm and get registered. We use a paperless system, so it doesn’t take too long. If you show up after that, the race will be underway. So, you’ll be out of luck until the next week.

Other Options

If you think you can make a handful of events throughout the season but aren’t going to be there every week, you should check out our Punch Pass. You can buy this option online, or at any of the events. You’ll receive a special card that gives you entry to 10 Clifford Park 5k races. You can use these all for yourself, get a friend or family member to run with you, or let a stranger get in free – it’s up to you! This card never expires either, so if you don’t use all your punches by the end of the season, there’s always next year.

Now, for those of you who who are going to really dedicate yourself to the series, we can offer an even bigger discount with a Season Pass. This will get you into every race all summer long, from May to September. This will save you a bunch of time on race day as well – just show up, and you’re all set.

Pick up your Punch Pass or Season Pass today and start saving!