Punch Pass

Learn About the Punch Pass

Punch Pass | Finish LineOur punch pass is a very popular option among all our runners! This option never expires and can be used for friends and family or complete strangers if you want! If you think you can make a handful of events throughout the season but aren’t going to be there every week, the punch pass is the option for you. You can buy this option online, or at any of the events. You’ll receive a special card that gives you entry to 10 Clifford Park 5k races. You can use these all for yourself, or bring a guest along if you want. This card never expires either! So, if you don’t use all your punches by the end of the season, there’s always next year.

If you think you want to try the race before you dedicate yourself to the punch pass, just sign up for a one time entry.

Other Options

Now, for those of you who who are going to really dedicate yourself to the series, we can offer an even bigger discount with a Season Pass. This will get you into every race all summer long, from May to September. This will save you a bunch of time on race day as well. Just show up, flash your pass to the race crew, and you’re all set.

If you’re only able to make it to one race, check out our $5.00 entry, or our Season Pass if you’ll be around all summer!