Season Pass

Learn About the Season Pass

Season Pass | RunnersFor runners who will be around most of the summer, the season pass is an awesome package. Huge discounts mean you’ll spend less than $5.00 a week for a professionally timed (chip) trail race. Where else are you going to find that? Nowhere. That’s where. Actually, it comes out to $3.50 for a chip timed race.

The earlier you sign up for the Season Pass the better off you’ll be since you can use it starting in May all the way through September. Keep in mind this pass is only for you, so unlike the Punch Pass you can’t use this to get other people into the race. But if you do want to bring a guest, it costs less than that cup of coffee you got on your way to work this morning.

Other Options

If you want to test the water, or won’t be around all summer, we have other options! Our next best package is the Punch Pass. It’s good for 10 entries, and can be used for yourself or a guest. Another great feature, is that it never expires. So, if you don’t come to at least 10 races this year, you can just keep using it next year.

If you think you’ll only be around for one or two weeks this year, we have the always popular Five Dollar Entry. This one is pretty simple, pay five bucks, run an awesome race. You’ll save a lot of time if you sign up for the Information Only option if this is what you’re planning to do. Don’t worry, it’s free.